New York based designer Andre Landeros Michel founded LANDEROS NEW YORK in 2013. Each collection emerges from the music of his youth. Immersing himself In music for weeks at a time, Andre allows the blend of goth, punk, new wave and industrial music genres inspire and initiate his design process.

LANDEROS NEW YORK is dark, romantic and gender neutral at its core. By intricately weaving his love of art and new wave music into the fabric and design of each collection, Andre Landeros Michel crafts the distinct LANDEROS NEW YORK aesthetic. Exaggerated silhouettes and details derive inspiration from new wave album artwork and 80’s nightlife subcultures.  


LANDEROS NEW YORK enjoys blurring and eliminating sartorial gender binaries, allowing the individual to imbue their own meaning into each piece. Nontraditional materials feature heavily in LANDEROS NEW YORK collections. High-density neoprene is utilized in the creation of structured statement pieces that are produced using a combination of machine and meticulous hand sewing.

The pieces are designed and produced in New York City.  A key value for the brand.